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My Vision Show is coming soon!!

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What can I do on My Vision Show?

Can I interact in the exhibits? 

Where should I go first?

What makes My Vision Show different from other events?

We currently have 100% independent brands on our platform. We are a host to over 60 vendors from all over the world, Live Stream Lounges, Live Stream Events, Live Peer Panels, a robust CE platform, new Employment platform with built in intelligent career/candidate match functionality and even have our own LIVE Tour that is currently crossing the nation with an all star line up of couture frame manufacturers.


Do you have a max capacity?

How much does this cost?  

All costs are currently being covered by our sponsors; Independent Owner’s Network, Optical Near ME and SellSMART Not Hard as well as our amazing lineup of vendors.  You will never get an opportunity to enjoy such a great experience for free. We will be adopting a paid model in 2021 so join us and have a great time with us!

Who are the exhibitors?

Why aren't there any enterprise level exhibitors?